So, We Tried, And This Is What Happened

When you are running a site with the sole purpose of facilitating communication and information sharing among research communities, you need to ensure that you are found by your target audience. This realization is what happened to us. 

Despite our unique services and niche offerings, we soon figured out that without SEO, it was quite difficult to get more visitors to our pages. 

We started conducting our own research on the best SEO tools available and came across a Google-based online rank tracking tool called the  This write-up is all about this tool, its features, usability, and how it helped us conduct accurate keyword research and track the success of our SEO efforts. 

What Is is a free keyword rank checker designed to work with Google search engine. It helps find the keyword position or ranking for a given keyword phrase for a particular locality and user device. 

One of the biggest advantages of Rankchecker is that it is completely free to use. You have little to no restrictions on the usage limit and service availability. You can search for keyword rankings every 15 minutes at any time of the day. The search traffic results arrive in the form of simple, easy-to-understand reports into your email address. 

The user interface is simple, and the functionalities cover all the basics of what you would require from a page rank checker. Here is a list of rankchecker’s cool features. Features

Checking The Domain Or Page Ranking

You can enter the URL of the website or the page you need to track the keyword ranking and get the corresponding results. This way, you can not only find your own keyword positions but also assess how your competition is faring against you. 

Desktop Or Mobile Device Specific Results

As anyone working on SEO knows, Google search engine algorithm slightly differs based on the user’s device. Rankchecker provides you with such specific results that enable you to know how well your site is optimized for both mobile and desktop devices. 

Locality-Based Results

Google search engine will fetch different results for the same keyword depending on the local geographical region. This Google rank checker lets you track your keyword ranking for a particular location and thus helps to improve your rank locally. 

Language Support

This is good additional support and has been very helpful for us in dealing with regional content, which may be in a language other than English. While English is the predominant language used in our content, having rank tracking for other languages can be quite handy in attracting the regional audience. 

Rank Checker Badge

This is a new feature that lets you get a notification on keyword positions.  You will have to add a code snippet copied from your registered rank checker account to your website to make use of the feature. 

Besides the features listed above, we found several other reasons that made it a delight to use Rankchecker. Here are the major advantages we found. 

Advantages of Rankchecker

    • The interface of this website rank checker is simple and easy to use. No complicated processes or steps required. You just have to input the URL, keyword phrase, your email address, select the device and region, and submit. The results are mailed to the email address within a second. 


  • Rankchecker understands how Google search engine works and is updated to align with any changes made to the Google search algorithm. You can be assured of accurate results all the time. It is also a great tool to keep an eye on your domain authority.


  • And, finally, the cost factor. Rankchecker provides free services that normally would come under premium plans in many other keyword tracking tools.  

Final Verdict

All in all, we are highly satisfied with Rankchecker. The data that this keyword rank checker has provided us with has empowered our marketing strategies, thus enabling us to reach a large number of target eyes. 

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