1.Why are your Communication Masterclasses important?

Our Communication Masterclasses are a series of seven workshops. They help you to improve the impact of your policy and communication efforts. If you are a social science and humanities researcher, you could benefit from the classes. We believe that your research is only as important in policymaking as the ability of your target audience to interpret it. From our Communication Masterclass, you will learn how to communicate your findings in a way that everyone, including your non-academic audience, can understand.

2.What is the relevance of evidence-based policymaking?

Evidence-based policymaking helps policymakers to come up with policies that cater to the actual needs of the society based on research findings. This strategy for policymaking helps to save money and time. It is built on certain blocks that take guesswork and personal opinions away from the process. It is possible to apply evidence-based policymaking techniques on every level of management and at any level of policymaking. If policymakers incorporate the technique in their regular decisions, they can solve the problems of a society fast.

3.Who can benefit from the News Alert Service?

The news alert service is designed to be helpful to policymakers. It may be useful to them regardless of whether they serve on local, regional, and national, European levels. All of them can benefit from improved communication with SSH researchers. Our News Alert Service contains summaries that feature policies and policymaking. The summaries may help policymakers to make the right choices. We only include articles that are relevant to Europe. They may help to address challenges that face the region politically, culturally, economically, or socially. The service may be useful to different types of media which cover social, humanities, and economic issues. It enables them to accurately detect problems and interpret the right solutions for them. Other parties that could benefit from our News Alert Service include civil society organisations and business communities. Basically, any party that is interested in social issues can benefit.

4.What is the relevance of News Alert Service?

The News Alert Service is meant to help policymakers come up with the most appropriate responses for the complex social and economic dynamics that the modern world presents. It does so by ensuring that policymakers have access to all the research results. We select research articles based on their ability to solve certain challenges facing the European community. Some of the research activities include; foresight activities, societal trends and their impact, the European Union citizen, and more. The articles are easy to read, and we deliver them directly to the inbox of a subscriber at no cost.

5.What is the importance of research?

Research is important because it helps policymakers to decide which solutions work better than others and why. Findings from research provide answers based on facts and evidence. It is possible to check the facts to determine whether or not they are reliable. It is a source of new knowledge for both the researchers and their target audience.