About us

SCOOP stands for Socio-economic Sciences: Communicating Outcomes Oriented to Policy. Our aim is to support the efforts that the research community has put in place to get to policymakers and promote the flow of information from researches to their audiences. We have two strands; the News Alert Service, and the Communication Masterclass. The two strands help us in our quest to ensure that there is efficient and reliable communication when interpreting the findings of research and when coming up with policies based on the research. We have the support of the European Union under a programme for research.

We help research communities and policymakers to translate the outcomes of research correctly and use the information to come up with the appropriate policies. The process of interpreting the findings of the research is one of the most important ones for both players. In order for research to strengthen policies and practices aimed at improving European communities, it is necessary for all the interested audiences to engage its findings at all levels. If they are unable to do so correctly, the research loses its value.

Through our Masterclass program, we train researchers to communicate their findings in a way that anyone can understand. The program trains them on how to disseminate information in a way that does not create confusion. We believe in the power of research in improving the standards of living of the European society. It is not possible to understand the challenges that a community faces without taking time to conduct research. It helps to fulfill action gaps. Proper research should involve the community members, representatives of various organisations, and the researchers during all phases. Researchers may look for partners to offer additional insight on certain issues. The aim is to ensure that their findings are accurate and reliable. We encourage researchers to understand the reality of the community in question when conducting their studies. It is important to understand how different factors affect different members of a community and to what extent. Research in SSH explores challenges such as how to improve the role of Europe in international governance and the measures that we can take to ensure that people living in Europe have a high quality of life and that we have sustainable development plans.

We basically make it possible for researchers to communicate exactly what they mean to their target audiences and ensure that policymakers make the best use of research information when creating new policies or implementing old ones.

We are always looking for feedback, active involvement, and assistance. If you have any ideas or comments that may help to improve the Masterclasses or News Alert Service, we will be glad to listen to you. We provide you with questionnaires that help us to research on a few them. Please fill and return them whenever you can. You can contact us on email at We will be happy to address your concerns if any.

Policymakers can find our News Alert Services for free in the European Parliament, national parliamentary committees, The United Nations, local governments, and other EU institutions.