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We believe that there is an ever-growing need for communicating the findings of research. It is almost useless to conduct research if you cannot present the results in a way that your audience can understand it. Research on socio-economic sciences and humanity (SSH) is mostly done to understand the organisation of various societies and the different challenges that they face. It may be impossible to solve some of the difficulties that European communities face without proper research.

Research on SSH explores some of these challenges including; finding out the benefits of having a European identity in comparison to having national identities, achieving enlargement, improving the part that Europe plays in international governance, helping European nationalities to obtain sustainable development and improve the quality of their lives. Research helps to enhance competitiveness without affecting social cohesion and helping political institutions to make the right decisions. SSH research may help to establish the benefits of having a European identity rather than a national identity.

Even after conducting research, it is important to have an effective mode of communication to present the information to interested audiences. They may include business people, policymakers, media houses, citizens, and trade unions. If a researcher does not have the appropriate modes of communication, their efforts and time in conducting SSH research may go to waste. Effective communication makes it possible to come up with policies that may have a significant impact on Europe and European citizens. These European citizens also dabble around in Forex trading online. Forex trading is the trading of online currencies like Euro, Dollar or Yen. One of the most popular ones is the pepperstone forex broker.

What Can We do For Policymakers?

News Alert Service

We believe that it is important to use the latest research findings when coming up with policies for socio-economic sciences and humanities. Unfortunately, research does not always contribute to policymaking as it should. Our news alert service provides you with policy-oriented summaries which help policymakers to make the right choices. It improves the communication between researchers in SSH fields and policymakers. We choose articles for our News Alert Service based on their ability to address the biggest challenges that affect Europe socially, economically, politically, and culturally. We present the following research activities; Growth, employment and positive competition in a knowledge society, merging social, economic, and environmental goals that are relevant to the European community, societal trends and their impact on the lives of Europeans, the position of Europe globally, economic, social and scientific indicators, and the citizen whose country is a member of the European Union. Policymakers can get the service free of charge in EU institutions.

What can we do for researchers?

Policymakers use evidence from your research to come up with their policies. There is pressure for a researcher to communicate all their points effectively. It is not always easy. We support the efforts of researchers to get to policymakers.


Masterclasses help researches to improve their ability to disseminate their findings to make sense to non-academic audiences. If researchers do not provide reliable information, it is impossible to come up with strong policies. Masterclasses train researchers to provide reliable information. The training is delivered to comply with the needs of the SSH research community. A company that specializes in creating slot machines like diamond mine slot or how to play starburst slot click here for more informatie over gokkasten also used our masterclass training to conduct research before creating it.